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Shina Systems Announces New Commercial Release of 3Di PACS

Shina Systems Announces New Commercial Release of 3Di PACS.


Caesarea, Israel – 01 April 2014 – Shina Systems (http://www.shina-sys.com), the leading developer of advanced clinical image management, visualization and analysis software, announced today the new commercial release of its 3Di PACS solution. Shina Systems’ 3Di is a unique platform which allows clinicians, healthcare providers and patients to view medical images everywhere and for any purpose – from diagnostic image interpretation to intuitive viewing of images in a personal health record.

The new 3Di PACS version includes intuitive and native volumetric manipulation tools, such as Multi-Oblique slab mode, Curved Oblique mode, Dynamic Sequence Viewing mode and Volume view mode, new measurement capabilities such as: Cobb angle tool for scoliosis and VOI tool were added, Centralized CD burner support, screen recording feature and also HL7 Reporting integration. This new 3Di PACS version is considered as highly user oriented version due to the fact that most enhancements and features were designed based on users experience and requests.    

As part of the 3Di family, this release includes new versions of the 3Di Cloud solution and 3Di workstation solution.

About Shina Systems

Shina Systems (http://www.shina-sys.com) develops and markets clinical image management and analysis application software. The company achieved market leadership through its proprietary, automated image segmentation tools and its intuitive, clinician-friendly application workflow. Shina Systems’ vision is to bring clear and useful medical images to the point-of-care at any location and to any specialist or patient. Shina Systems is committed to developing and marketing a diverse portfolio of ground-breaking solutions in a bid to improve health care and quality of life for patients world-wide.


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