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Virtual Heart Adopts 3Di Cloud Based Advanced Image Visualization Solution

Virtual Heart announced that it entered into a multi user 3Di software licensing contract with Shina Systems


August 2nd 2010: Sao Paulo, Brasil:  Virtual Heart (www.virtualheart.com.br) a cardiovascular image reporting, consulting and training company, today announced that it entered into a multi user 3Di software licensing contract with Shina Systems (www.shina-sys.com). Shina Systems’ 3Di is a public cloud based medical image management and advanced visualization platform, turning any Internet PC – both in and outside an enterprise – into a powerful imaging workstation.  
This new solution enables Virtual Heart to perform cardiovascular CT/MR reporting in a simple and secured way for any hospital or imaging center within a short time. Virtual Heart is the first teleradiology company in Latin America to offer such services 24/7/365 to emergency room and chest pain unit patients. The agreement with Shina Systems has come after a period of testing real life scenarios in different configurations including reading from home using low bandwidth internet line, and was found to be easy, fast and interactive. The solution was selected from other manufacturer offers as the best solution that fulfills Virtual Heart's requirements.
The solution includes small uploader software that is connected to the institution's imaging network. The uploader receives selected cases over the imaging network, and securely and efficiently uploads them to the cloud. In the cloud they are automatically pre-processed and get ready for reading by authorized physicians from anywhere around the globe. The reading is done using 3Di's smart client which can operate either in online mode utilizing cloud resources, or in offline mode which turns the client into a full-fledged advanced visualization workstation. 
With imaging data stored or cached remotely in a cloud, 3Di can ensure safe, long-term archiving, higher availability of data and patient information and serve as a data clearinghouse for communication with offsite radiologists, clinicians, surgeons and others who need processed images or raw data for independent manipulation.   
"With a growing number of centers with advanced scanners, some of them in remote regions, we look forward to rapidly expanding our services” said Dr Tiago Senra, founder of Virtual Heart. "Virtual Heart is positioning itself to be in the forefront of advanced cardiovascular teleradiology reporting services in Brazil and in Latin America" said Dr Roberto Cury, founder and managing director.
"We are proud to be the first to deploy a true public cloud based advanced visualization solution for cardiovascular teleradiology - a solution which combines top of the line cardiac CT/MR analysis software with Amazon's reliable vast network infrastructure AWS, to create an infinitely scalable and robust solution. We are pleased to partner with Virtual Heart and Polygon (www.polygon.com.br) and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship." said Yuval Shina, VP Business Development of Shina Systems.  

About Virtual Heart
Virtual Heart (www.virtualheart.com.br) is a cardiovascular image reporting, consulting and training company that offers 24/7/365 double reading of coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) and cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) within a short time, particularly in the emergency room/chest pain scenario. We also offer a 3D lab to do volume rendering and curved reformatted reconstructions.
About Polygon
Polygon (www.polygon.com.br)  is a medical solutions distributor company committed to offer their customers in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Colombia, state of the art hardware and software products as well as training and consulting services. Among our lineup of products are PACS systems, Workstation software, medical displays, CD/DVD publisher devices and CR devices.
About Shina System
Shina Systems (www.shina-sys.com) is an advanced clinical image management, visualization and analysis software company. Shina Systems’ vision is to bring clear and useful medical images to the point-of-care at any location and to any specialist or patient.  Shina Systems’ 3Di is a novel platform that allows clinicians, healthcare providers, and patients to view meaningful medical images everywhere and for any purpose - from diagnostic image interpretation to viewing images intuitively in a personal health record.

Virtual Heart
Dr. Tiago Senra and Dr. Roberto Cury
Tel: + 551199441070 / + 551199362329
Email : tiago.senra@virtualheart.com.br / roberto.cury@virtualheart.com.br

Shina Systems Ltd
Yuval Shina
VP Business Development
E-mail: info@shina-sys.com
Tel: +972-4-6277203  


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