Innovative Technology

3Di Technology

3Di is a medical image analysis and management software platform, incorporating many unique innovations in advanced image analysis, visualization and client/server imaging architecture, all developed in-house by Shina Systems.

Advanced Visualization Technology

The 3Di platform delivers an innovative and proven set of image processing algorithms based on Shina Systems' vast experience in the cardiology field. The entire 3Di platform was developed in-house by innovative researchers and experienced developers, and offers a fast, interactive and automated medical image processing solution.

Deployment Flexibility

The 3Di platform was designed from the ground up to function optimally in three different deployment environments: modern cloud infrastructure, on-premises client/server and stand-alone workstation. The result is a system with very efficient processing and communication abilities, and one with minimal client PC requirements. For example, the small-footprint client application (about 13MB in size) requires only standard PC hardware and runs without requiring installation or administrative rights, even off a portable USB flash drive.

Performance and Efficiency

One of the most powerful features of the 3Di platform is its dynamic computational load balancing, based on the resources available. In cloud and client/server deployments, the system takes advantage of available network bandwidth and local computing power to optimize the performance and speed of the software. This enables a high degree of interactivity even over low-bandwidth networks. In addition to a superior end-user experience featuring true interactivity and smooth operation, this unique and innovative approach reduces unnecessary network traffic loads and improves overall system throughput.

The 3Di visualization engines are CPU-based to achieve maximum utilization of all available system resources. Furthermore, state-of-the-art data compression is applied to all image data, ensuring the smallest transmission and storage loads possible. These system features enable the 3Di platform to take optimum advantage of cloud computing resources in order to support an unlimited number of peak-time concurrent users at a market-changing pricing level.

System Management

The 3Di management server was designed to run on either the public cloud or on a dedicated PACS server. The server has a multi-tenant architecture (allowing for the hosting of multiple customers on the same infrastructure), tiered access control and a Web interface with extensive rule-based configuration options.

Data Security

The 3Di platform provides the highest level of data security by ensuring that all image data is encrypted both during transmission and storage. The 3Di communication framework uses the industry-standard HTTPS protocol, thus providing very high security while enabling unfettered communication through firewalls without configuring any particular administrative rights. An additional layer of application-level encryption ensures the highest level of security, as all image data is stored in an encrypted state on the server.