3Di Image Management and Advanced
Visualization Solutions

3Di Image Management and Advanced Visualization

Shina Systems is proud to present the 3Di platform, an innovative line of image management and advanced visualization solutions for imaging centers, teleradiology centers and hospitals.

State-of-the-Art Advanced Visualization

At the heart of all 3Di solutions is a set of extremely advanced medical image processing, visualization and communication technologies, developed in-house by Shina Systems. Whether on a powerful workstation computer, data center or on Amazon Public Cloud server, 3Di delivers the most interactive user experience featuring the highest image quality and cutting-edge automation.

Extremely Easy to Use

The software features extremely intuitive software usability, with a Microsoft Office-like user interface that will feel instantly familiar to every user. The fast learning curve means high productivity with the software almost immediately after installation, and willing acceptance by every radiologist user. Furthermore, the same client software is present in all 3Di solutions (Cloud, PACS and Workstation) so that the familiar user interface is available wherever it is being used, with no additional learning curve.

Complete Deployment Flexibility

3Di is available in cloud-based, PACS and stand-alone workstation deployments, including hybrid configurations. With the same client software present regardless of deployment method, all of the organization's radiologists have the flexibility to access the same images and functionality, anywhere, at any time.

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3Di Cloud3Di Cloud

Cutting-edge medical image management and advanced visualization with no hardware to buy, install or maintain!

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Scalable web-based platform with the latest medical image archiving, visualization and communication technologies.

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3Di Workstation3Di Workstation

Cutting-edge advanced visualization for standalone Windows PCs.

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