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3Di Cloud

3Di Cloud

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Imaging as a Service

3Di Cloud provides anytime, anywhere image management, visualization and processing with no up-front cost and no long-term commitments.

3Di is an innovative, cloud-based image management and advanced (3D/4D) visualization software suite that turns any Internet-connected PC into a comprehensive image processing workstation. 3Di allows instantaneous access to imaging data, with advanced reformatting and viewing tools, from any location across the globe, as well as powerful computer processing in a cloud environment. It eliminates costly dedicated storage servers and workstations, while providing industry-leading interactive image viewing and advanced visualization features.

Zero-Footprint Web Viewer

The 3Di zero-footprint Medical Imaging Web Viewer is a browser-based client with 2D/3D viewing and a wide range of image manipulation capabilities. Ideal for anywhere, anytime access to medical images generated by any imaging modality, images are viewed directly from the server via any Web-enabled device without pre-installation or download.

Advanced Visualization and Clinical Applications

Meeting a full range of imaging needs, the 3Di advanced visualization suite includes general multi-modality 3D reformations (MPR, MIP, volume rendering and related techniques), and a set of comprehensive suite of clinical applications.

Image Management and Sharing

With imaging data stored remotely in the Cloud, 3Di Cloud ensures safe, long-term image archiving, and anywhere/anytime availability to image data and patient information. The system serves as a data clearinghouse for communication with off-site radiologists, clinicians, surgeons and others who need access to either processed images or raw data for independent manipulation.

Highest Level of Security

For the highest level of security, all communication with the cloud servers is secured with 128-bit SSL, access to the servers and data is restricted by configurable access control mechanisms and all data is stored encrypted in the cloud.

Interactivity Even Over Low-bandwidth Networks

The small-footprint 3Di Client, which downloads with the first use, keeps the local computer connected to the secure, cloud-based image repository. The 3Di Client operates seamlessly with cloud-based and locally-stored image data alike, to view, process, analyze and report diagnostic images. A powerful feature of the 3Di Client is its ability to take advantage of both the available network bandwidth and local computing power to optimize the performance and speed of the software. This enables a high degree of interactivity even over low-bandwidth networks.

All 3Di Cloud image data is stored on the industry-leading Amazon cloud infrastructure, featuring multiple redundancy and HIPAA-compliance.

The 3Di Cloud system consists of three components:

3Di Uploader

The 3Di Uploader is a small downloadable software module which runs on a Windows PC connected to the local network. The 3Di Uploader receives DICOM data from the local DICOM network and transfers it to the 3Di Cloud servers over the Internet, quickly and securely.

  • Secure (128-bit encryption) and efficient data transfer employing efficient compression and fault-tolerant streaming algorithms
  • No need for a VPN (data is encoded and transferred using the secure HTTPS protocol)
  • Fully HIPAA compliant

The 3Di Cloud Server

3Di Cloud's server is a Web-based server with managed repositories and processing engines for medical images. The server receives images from multiple uploaders, processes them as required and then archives them based on user-configurable rules. 3Di Cloud server can stream medical images to local 3Di viewers or render them within an advanced zero-footprint, browser-based Medical Imaging Web Viewer.

3Di Cloud Server provides fast and secure image access to radiologists, referring physicians and patients anywhere, at any time.

  • No need to buy, maintain or administer any computer hardware
  • Runs over Amazon’s industry-leading cloud infrastructure, with 99% uptime, multiple redundancy (geographically separate locations) and regular data backups
  • Dynamic storage capacity and scalable computing power means you pay only for what you use
  • Rule-based data access for viewing or retrieving (downloading) images
  • Automatic batching and image pre-processing tasks
  • Can also be installed on an PACS server or a private data center (see 3Di PACS)

The 3Di Client

3Di Client is a seamlessly downloadable software suite which can manage, view and report medical images from remote sources. The smart downloadable client takes advantage of all available network bandwidth and local computing power to optimize performance and speed. Using only an ordinary PC, 3Di Client enables image viewing, processing and analysis with an advanced multi-modality 4D viewer. The Client can be configured with dedicated, state-of-the-art clinical applications including an integrated, template-based reports module for incorporating images, graphs, tables and findings from other clinical modules.

3Di Web Patient Browser provides authorized users with access to studies, reports and related clinical data from any Web-enabled device. It serves as a portal to all patient information and functionality available within the 3Di platform. Study management and advanced filters are available from any Web browser with no software to install or maintain.

The zero-footprint, Web-based 3Di Web Viewer, allows viewing images from the server with no pre-installation or download. It provides advance 2D/3D viewing capabilities directly from the Web server, including volume rendering capabilities, image manipulation and annotation tools and dynamic control of JPEG image compression.

The 3Di PACSViewer enables any number of users to access imaging data, with advanced features such as image streaming, multi-monitor support, multiple series with thumbnail drag-and-drop views and 3D visualization.

3Di Client's key features include:

  • Web-based (AJAX) worklist management accessible from any Web-connected device
  • Easy-to-use patient/study worklist with relevant filters and DICOM functions
  • Secure data transmission using industry-standard SSL encryption
  • Study sharing over the cloud via a unique URL with an expiration date
  • Ability to store any non-DICOM document/image with the study
  • Simple integration with EMR systems
  • Multi-lingual support