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Web-Based PACS Solution

3Di PACS is an innovative PACS solution based on an extremely advanced and scalable Web-based platform. The system features the latest medical image archiving, visualization and communication technologies available. 3Di PACS allows Web access to medical images throughout the enterprise for faster diagnosis, reporting, storage and distribution of clinical data. It offers significant cost reductions, enhanced productivity and a single point of access to radiologists, referring physicians, clinicians, surgeons and others.

Configurable Image Management

3Di PACS receives imaging data from multiple DICOM imaging modalities, applies sophisticated assignment rules and auto-routing to other DICOM systems and then archives the images in a central database system. 3Di PACS provides configurable study access according to groups’ or users’ predefined viewing, access and manipulation permissions.

Web Portal

The 3Di Web Patient Browser enables authorized users to search, manage and review imaging data with a Web browser-based 2D/3D viewer, without any client software. It supports DICOM modality worklists as well as other PACS workflow and advanced study reconciliation tools. 3Di Web Patient Browser can be easily integrated into the organization’s portal.

The zero-footprint 3Di Web Viewer is a browser-based viewer providing 2D/3D viewing and a wide range of image manipulation capabilities. Ideal for anywhere, anytime access to medical images generated by any imaging modality, images are viewed directly from the server via any Web-enabled device without additional software.

Interactive 3D from Anywhere

The 3Di PACS client takes advantage of the available network bandwidth and local computing power to optimize performance and speed, allowing advanced visualization (3D/4D) capabilities to almost any Internet-connected Windows PC. The system features a high degree of interactivity even over low-bandwidth networks while reducing unnecessary network traffic loads and improving overall system throughput.

PACS Server

3Di PACS Server is based on the Microsoft Windows platform, and runs on standard hardware. Administration is performed using a simple and intuitive Web interface, accessible from any Web-enabled device. The server receives DICOM images from imaging modalities, archives them to a central repository and processes them, if required, according to configurable rules.

Streaming PACS viewer

3Di PACSViewer is an advanced multi-modality diagnostic viewer for displaying 2D, 3D and 4D (sequence) images. Using proprietary high-speed streaming technology, 3Di PACSViewer loads studies directly from the server and allows fast and easy image reading with minimal user interaction.

Advance Visualization and Clinical Applications

The 3Di suite of visualization applications includes a multi-modality 4D viewer and specialized state-of-the-art clinical applications, including 3D reformations (MPR, MIP, volume rendering and related techniques), vessel analysis, cardiac analysis, calcium score, virtual colonoscopy, brain perfusion analysis and PET-CT fusion.

Reports and Documents Management

The template-based Reports module incorporates images, graphs, tables and findings produced by the clinical applications. These reports (as well as other imported documents, including scanned documents) may be stored in the central database system and subsequently managed along with the study imaging data.





3Di PACS Server

The 3Di PACS Server is a software only suite installed on off-the-shelf hardware with no hardware dependency. The PACS server is a collection of software modules and web services which runs on a standard Microsoft Windows Server and uses Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) to provide image access from any web enable device. The Server modules include Web Server, DICOM server, repository manager, workflow and storage manager interfaces (HL7) and image processing engines. 3Di PACS Server’s primary features include:

  • Web server enables clients to connect through a secure Web service, leveraging IIS’s industry-standard Web services to deliver user authentication, study worklist and image streaming. For advanced clients, it also provides installation files and automatic client updates.
  • DICOM Server implements SCU/SCP, including query, retrieve, route, store, modality worklist, modality perform procedure step and storage commitment requests.
  • Repository Manager is based on a patient and study data model and stores users, groups, administration information, hanging protocols and system and user configurations.
  • Management Console provides visibility and control of the 3Di PACS administration through a remotely accessible Web-based interface, enabling administrators to proactively monitor the status of all system components.
  • Visualization engines are CPU-based to achieve maximum utilization of all available system resources.
  • The client and administrator communication framework uses the HTTPS protocol to achieve hardware/software independent access.
  • The system provides store (C-STORE), query (C-FIND), retrieve (C-GET), and transfer (C-MOVE) services.

3Di PACS Client

3Di Client enables users to manage, view and report medical images from 3Di PACS Server. Using only an ordinary PC, 3Di Client enables image viewing, processing and analysis using a Web-based viewer or an advanced multi-modality diagnostic viewer. The Client can be configured with dedicated, state-of-the-art clinical applications including an integrated, template-based reports module for incorporating images, graphs, tables and findings from other clinical modules.

3Di Web Patient Browser provides authorized users with access to studies, reports and related clinical data from any Web-enabled device. It serves as a portal to all patient information and functionality available within the 3Di platform. Study management and advanced filters are available from any Web browser without any software to install or maintain.

The zero-footprint, browser-based 3Di Web Viewer, allows viewing images from the server with no software installation. It provides advanced 2D/3D viewing capabilities directly from the Web server. Other features including volume rendering capabilities, image manipulation tools, annotation tools and dynamic control of JPEG image compression.

3Di PACSViewer is an advanced PACS viewer which enables any number of users to access imaging data, with advanced features such as image streaming, multi-monitor support, multiple series with thumbnail drag-and-drop views and 3D visualization. The smart downloadable client takes advantage of all available network bandwidth and local computing power to optimize performance and speed.

3Di Client's key features include:

  • Web-based (AJAX) worklist management accessible from any Web-enabled device
  • Easy-to-use patient/study worklist with relevant filters and DICOM functions
  • Ability to store any non-DICOM document/image
  • Simple integration with EMR and RIS systems
  • Multi-lingual support