Scalable and Reliable
Image Storage & Management

3Di Image Storage & Management

The image storage and management subsystem of 3Di Cloud and 3Di PACS handles every aspect of medical image data communication, archiving, repository management and access control.

Scalable and Reliable Data Storage

Images are archived in either their original format or a standard lossless compressed mode (JPEG 2000) to save disk space. In 3Di Cloud, images can be also encrypted to increase data security and patient privacy. 3Di PACS supports adding disks for extra storage. 3Di Cloud has virtually unlimited storage resources (which can also scale down when necessary), long-term or short-term storage configurations and, optionally, multiple (geographically distinct) storage locations.

Access Rights and Study Assignment

A highly-configurable access rights management engine allows the definition of user groups and then controls which studies may be accessed by which group. Studies may also be manually assigned to one or more groups by an authorized user at any time.

Rules Engine

A highly-configurable rules engine automates which studies, from which modalities, are uploaded to the server, and when. The rules engine is also used for access rights and study assignment, and auto deletion of old (non-protected) studies.

Study Status

Configurable, automatic "read status" (new, in-review, ready) transitions of studies through the workflow cycle – status indicators are immediately visible to all system users for smooth and easy workflow.

Easy Data Retrieval

Advanced filters and Google-like search capabilities make it easy to quickly access images and studies which meet specified criteria. Studies and other data may be accessed by authorized users from anywhere, using either the Windows smart client or a Web browser. Data may be streamed from the server for instant viewing, or may be downloaded for use with any third-party software.

Multi-tenant Architecture

The system supports multiple institutions per customer, with separate management for each institution, while providing cross-institution access (i.e., users may access studies from different institutions under the same customer deployment).

Report and Document Management

The system manages reports created by the 3Di report module, or any other imported documents (including scanned documents), along with the study imaging data.

Audit Trailing

Fully HIPPA-compliance audit trailing is available to authorized administrators from any Web browser – includes all relevant actions as well as image and server management.