The On-Ramp to the
World of 3Di

3Di Patient Browser

The 3Di Patient Browser serves as the portal to all the data and functionality within the 3Di platform. It allows fast and easy access to patient and image data at every stage of work, using source selection and searching filters. All system modules can be accessed directly through the Patient Browser for viewing and analysis of the selected imaging data.

3Di Patient BrowserWith the 3Di Patient Browser, authorized users have access to all of the available image databases and clinical applications. The software supports physician image review workflows by displaying a study list, directing focus to a specific study and enabling the analysis of studies using the 3Di clinical applications.

3Di Patient Browser Feature Highlights

  • Retrieves medical data from remote DICOM stations or DICOM CDs
  • Retrieves medical data from 3Di Cloud via the Internet – authorized users at any location can view the same data and studies
  • Easy-to-use filters, search and viewing of DICOM images from a selected series
  • Management of studies, results and reports
  • Review, deletion, lock/un-lock (for deletion protection) and status management of studies
  • Study duplication facility, including "anonymizing" the study, if desired
  • Launch of clinical applications directly from selected studies
  • Powerful management of imaging printouts and reports via an easy-to-use reporting interface
  • Administration interface for configuring users, image sources, clinical applications, filters and personalizing on-screen styles