Smart PACS viewer with
Volume Visualization

3Di PACSViewer

  • Overview
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3Di PACSViewer enables any number of users to access imaging data, with advanced features such as image streaming, multi-monitor support, multiple series with thumbnail drag-and-drop views and 3D visualization.

DICOM viewer

3Di PACSViewer is an advanced multi-modality diagnostic viewer for displaying 2D, 3D and 4D (sequence) images. Using high-speed proprietary streaming technology, 3Di PACSViewer loads studies directly from the server and allows fast and easy image reading with minimal user interaction.

Advanced Diagnostic

3Di PACSViewer is an ideal viewer for radiologists, referring physicians and other authorized users to review medical images generated by any imaging modality. The 3Di PACSViewer's features include streaming of images from any local source, multi-monitor support, flexible layouts, series linking, image sorting and quick 3D display modes.

Automatic Hanging Protocols

3Di PACSViewer supports automatic hanging protocols, including the definition and selection of rule-based hanging protocols. This feature saves extensive time for radiologists and improves the consistency of images of a particular study or modality type. Authorized users can configure existing hanging protocols and/or create new ones.

Saving Results, Images and Movies

3Di Viewer allows the user to save records of all results, images and movies generated by the 3Di Viewer for later review and reporting. 2D batch cine, automatic volume rotation and all other volume manipulations can be recorded, loaded and played in cine mode. Time cine is also available for multiphase CT or MR review. The output can be saved in different formats, including DICOM, AVI, JPEG and BMP.

3Di PACSViewer Feature Highlights

  • 2D review of CT, MR, NM, PET, US, angiography, DR and CR images
  • ECG signal display on supported cardiac XA runs
  • Display of single-frame and multi-frame cine files
  • MPR, MIP and VR reconstruction modes
  • Ability to show counts and SUV for nuclear imaging
  • Link series option for simultaneous navigation and synchronized display and manipulations
  • Automatic image localization reference lines
  • Image filters: enhance, smooth, invert
  • Measurement tools: pixel value, distance, ROI, angle
  • Display of original series or sorted image lists
  • Advanced automatic hanging protocols support including rule-based HP definition and selection New!
  • Volume and slab display modes for volumetric data-sets
  • Automatic or manual (drag-and-drop) image placement using thumbnails
  • FDA approved for viewing mammography images New!
  • Drag-and-drop series from a thumbnails pane into the adjustable layout
  • Keyboard shortcuts for fast layout setting, display adjustment and image capture
  • Save any view or the entire screen in DICOM, BMP or JPEG format
  • Easy-to-use MR spine labeling New!
  • Built-in voice recorder and ability to save to PACS for further transcription New!
  • Report or print any generated image