Advanced Clinical Reporting

3Di Reporting

The 3Di reporting system is an automated, integrated reporting interface for advanced clinical modules. Images, graphs, tables and findings from any clinical application can be fed into a report template using a propriety XML architecture.

Medical automated, integrated reportingReports can be updated from within the clinical application, during any process. Reports can be generated, saved (for further review and editing), approved and printed.

Reports can be saved as encapsulated PDF (DICOM embedded) or native report files (for use only with the 3Di reporting system). Saved reports are hosted and managed by the 3Di platform.

3Di Reporting Feature Highlights

  • Embedding of the hospital/clinic logo
  • Automatic updates of patient and study data
  • Automatic updates of the report creator
  • Automatic launch of relevant templates from any clinical application
  • Reports automatically include updated images and findings
  • Adjustable and flexible templates for clinical applications
  • Physician comments/input
  • Easy-to-use editing tools for text manipulation, tables and graphical objects
  • Thumbnail display of all reported images for quick review and editing
  • Report approval (saved as DICOM-encapsulated PDF)
  • Save, email or print reports
  • Export an approved report file to a PACS system
  • Selection, hosting and preview of reports on the 3Di system